Hello! My name is Abe Laydon and I am your Douglas County Commissioner candidate supporting liberty, equality, law enforcement, lower taxes, entrepreneurs, the Second Amendment, clean air and water, faith, education, and family. My pledge is to always place YOUR CONCERNS over the concerns of politicians and special interests.

Ultimately, I am a fiscal conservative that believes in private property rights and that government should not be an impediment to free people pursuing life, liberty, and their own happiness. As County Commissioner from District 1, my goal would be that every day you wake up in Douglas County, you not only feel unshackled from the burdens of oppressive government taxation and regulation, but that you are completely confident you can pursue your God-given freedoms in a healthy, happy, and vibrant community where the sky is the limit in terms of what you can accomplish.

Most qualified.
Extensive finance and budgeting background coupled with 15 years of complex legal and land use experience. With me, you get the whole package.

  • Douglas County Planning Commissioner
  • Former Douglas County Republican First Vice Chairman
  • Former Douglas County Republican Treasurer
  • 15-year land use and business law attorney
  • Leadership Program of the Rockies graduate

100% about service.
I’m a fifth-generation Coloradan from humble beginnings, follower of Christ, husband and father of two. I’m not in need of a title or a new job, I’ve already been a private sector equity law partner for many years.

Interpersonal skills.
I’m a naturally warm and friendly person who is not only easy to talk to, but who will actually listen to you and care. I will stand up for your values but also get along great with staff and my fellow commissioners.

I believe in being extremely accessible so feel free to call or text me directly anytime on my personal cell phone at 720.255.9161.

Thank you and God bless!

Abe’s Bio