Letter to the editor: Laydon is right choice

COLORADO COMMUNITY MEDIA — I have lived in south metro Denver for more than 40 years, with the past 15 years being in Douglas County. I love our community and what we do to protect conservative ideals, but one thing has become abundantly clear to me, we need a fresh perspective in local government.

I am tired of seeing the same politicians play musical chairs with county offices, particularly career politicians like Diane Holbert. It is time for an outsider to join the mix and bring a fresh perspective to Douglas County government. That is why I’m voting for Abe Laydon for county commissioner.

Abe is an extremely accomplished attorney in the private sector, who has dedicated his free time to serving nonprofits throughout the city, as well as the Douglas County Republicans and Douglas County Planning Commission.

He exemplifies what you would want in your county commissioner — he brings new ideas and solutions to the table based on his ample public service and private sector experience, he is here to serve and to give us a voice, he doesn’t have any conflicts of interest with other family members employed by the county, and he is the most qualified candidate for the job…

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